Melting Prod is a Belgian creative studio specialized in the production of advertising, industrial and architectural images. Our mission is to create impactful images, both photo and video, to convey the story of your company. Whether through lighting, staging or post-processing, we constantly challenge our approach to reveal the soul and DNA of your brand.

We see every customer as a partner. That’s why every project starts with a moment of exchange. Together, we define your expectations, constraints and objectives. Once the briefing is established, we take the entire project in charge: from creation to sharing images. You can then follow your project without worrying about the logistical aspects.


Our team consists of passionate photographers. Depending on the project, it is reinforced by external talents such as stylists, make-up artists, hairdressers, directors, set builders, graphic designers, models, prop guys, etc.







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Eric opened his own studio in 1984 and quickly developed an affinity with product photography. His insatiable curiosity pushes him daily to test new techniques, new textures and new lights.

When Olivier did his internship with him, the connection was immediate. The two photographers stayed in touch and, twelve years later, decided to join forces to create Melting Prod. Their will is to combine their skills in order to reveal the matter and the emotion.

When he is not in his studio, Eric enjoys nature and the great outdoors. He rarely spends a weekend without going on a long bike ride, which he completes with a hike as soon as he has the opportunity.



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When he was 10 years old, Nicolas took his first pictures of landscapes during family holidays at the coast. He grew up, so as his passion and his camera equipment. As he’d never thought of making a profession out of photography, he initially turned to architecture.

It was a student job as an event photographer that launched his career. He then carried out his studies and his activity as a photographer all at the same time. In 2018, he met Olivier to lend him a lens and left with a job at Melting Prod.

He developed there a particular interest for corporate and event photo reporting. As the group’s geek, he keeps an active watch on technological advances that can improve the work of the team.

In his spare time, he devotes himself to wedding, travel and wildlife photography.



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Ninn has been photographing incredible landscapes and details of nature since her teenager age. She then naturally opted to study photography at HELB.

During her final year of study, she combined her two passions by creating a culinary magazine from scratch dedicated to raw food: photography, recipes, styling, writing and layout.

Hired at Melting Prod after her internship, she works on most of the shoots in the studio where she is enhancing her mastery of light and never misses any shoot food. Specialized in photo retouching, no advertising image leaves the studio without passing through her hands.



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Olivier turned towards artistic studies at a very young age. He completed his training in decoration & illustration at Saint-Luc with a photography degree at INRACI. After graduating, he started working as a freelance photographer and got his first assignment in the events sector.

Over the time, he developed his network thanks to the attention he pays to his clients and his legendary good mood. From portrait to industrial photography, he likes to add a touch of extravagance to his work. An echo of his personal style: colorful sneakers and cap.

Twelve years after his first assignment, he wanted to leave the individualism of independent status and share his experience within a team. He and Eric then decided to join forces and created Melting Prod. Their will is to combine their skills in order to reveal the matter and the emotion.